On a Mission: Supporting Sustainable Flowers

Updated: May 20, 2020

Are you passionate about sustainable flowers?

Do you value their natural beauty and the joy they bring to our lives?

Winter Creek Flowers is here to help you support ethical flower-farmers and florists, and to grow and enjoy your own sustainable flowers.

Hello there! I’m Kate Edwards. I’m the founder of Winter Creek Flowers, a micro-flower-farmer and writer. Like you, I love flowers. They bring joy, mark special occasions and brighten up our lives.

Undoubtedly, flowers are beautiful. However, did you know that the way they are produced and distributed usually isn’t? The disheartening reality is that the majority of today’s commercial flower activities damage our environment, contribute to climate change and, in many cases, exploit workers in developing countries.

But, we can change this! We don’t have to put up with the entrenched ‘business-as-usual’ practices that are harming the earth and exploiting its most vulnerable people. Through small changes in our buying behaviours, combined with informed and respectful conversations, we truly can make a difference.

Over time, this website and blog will bring you a growing collection of resources and thought-provoking content to help us all work together to help us shift the global floral industry from one that prioritises profits to one that respects nature, people and the future of our planet.

Stay tuned for an expanding collection of resources to help you:

  • Support ethical flower-farmers and florists

  • Choose seasonal, local and sustainably-grown flowers

  • Grow your own flowers {on your windowsill, the balcony or in the garden}

  • Arrange and care for your flowers, so they last and look better for longer

  • Forage and gather to create stunningly unique arrangements

Join me and become part of a movement supporting sustainable florists and growers. By participating in conversations, asking questions and making small changes in the way you buy flowers, you’ll be helping to move the flower industry from a profit-first approach to one where conscious farming is normal practice.

If you’d like to follow along on my flower-growing journey, find out more about sustainable flowers and be one of the first hear about upcoming events, offers and workshops, then I’d love to connect with you via email. You’re warmly invited to sign-up to the Winter Creek Flowers Newsletter, where you’ll hear from me once or twice a month.

So, if you'd like to stay up to date with Winter Creek Flowers and receive our regular updates just CLICK HERE to join our email community. I'd love to connect with you :)

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