Mini-Wreath Project

{Level: Beginners/General}

Bring nature’s beauty into your home with this pretty mini-wreath project.

Making your own floral arrangements is so satisfying, and your floral creation will not only be beautiful but also totally unique!

What you will need:

  • A thin, pliable vine such as green wisteria, young grape vines, clematis, honeysuckle or any other natural material that can be formed into a roughly circular shape. Even long stems of grass or eucalyptus shoots will do the trick!

  • A selection of flowers, leaves, grasses or berries to decorate your wreath. They can be dried or freshly picked and you will need approximately 4 – 10 stems per wreath, depending on their size.

  • Some string, wool or florist wire.

  • A pair of scissors or floristry snips.

  • Ribbon {optional}

How to make:

Step 1:

Select your vine, remove any leaves, and gently form into a small circular shape by twisting the vine around itself at least one or two times. This will be your wreath base.

It doesn’t need to be perfectly round, and in fact, I think that often the more irregular shapes are the most pretty. Make as many wreath bases as you wish. I usually make between four and six but you may like to make more or less.

Step 2:

Next, design and tie a tiny-posy from your selection of flowers and foliage. You may wish to combine a number of floral elements or keep it super simple with just a couple of sprigs. Once you’re happy with your design, you can copy it to make up a tiny-posy for each wreath base. Or make each one completely individual - the choice is yours.

Step 3:

Hold your posy against the base, deciding where best to place it. Then, tie to the base with string, wool or floristry wire. Make sure to hide the ends of your binding material by tucking them neatly out of sight into the back of your wreath. You may also need to trim them.

Step 4:

If you wish, you can cut off any over-hanging/sticking out stems. Alternatively they may add to the design. The are no rules!

Step 5:

Almost done - the final step is to decide whether or not to add ribbon. If you're not sure, perhaps try it out on a single wreath first. If you like how it looks then you can replicate on the others. Alternatively, just unwind the trial ribbon and leave your wreaths au-naturel.

Whether your mini-wreaths are destined to adorn your table at a special dinner party, or will be simply a lovely home decoration, I know you'll enjoy them for months to come.

And last but not least, I’d love to see your finished creations so please don’t forget to tag @wintercreekflowers if you share a picture of your beautiful mini-wreath on socials.


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