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I clearly remember the day I realised just how much the choices we make about our flower purchases matter. It was late October, Spring-time in Australia, and I had an hour or two to kill while my car was having minor but unforeseen repairs. I’d just finished reading the book “Flower Confidential” by Amy Stewart and it had confirmed my worst fears about the global floral industry.

That afternoon, curious, and with unexpected time on my hands, I visited three florist shops. As they wrapped the small, pretty bunches I’d selected, I politely asked the same questions of each: where were these flowers grown and are they chemical-free?

Sadly, not one person was able to answer my questions. One bemused florist remarked, with surprise, that no one had ever asked her about this before. She wondered why it mattered.


You, like my friendly florist, may also still be wondering why all this matters - they’re just flowers, right? Well, it matters because, just like food and fashion, flowers are products with a significant impact on the environment, the people who work with them and the flower-lovers who purchase them. I walked out of that shop, bouquet in hand, and knew that I needed to learn more about the floral industry. I also knew that I wanted to share my knowledge with other people who love flowers, who care about the world we live in, and the world we will leave behind.

There’s no doubt that challenging the way that flowers are grown, distributed and marketed across the world is an ambitious project to take on, but it doesn’t have to be wildly difficult at an individual level. Yes, we’ll need to change some of our own behaviours and yes, we’ll need to be brave about asking questions and having conversations that will influence those around us. But the great news is that these changes and discussions are actually very easy to integrate into what we already do. With just a few consistent actions, you can make a difference. We all can.


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Feedback for "Floral Revolution"

I have received wonderful support and feedback for "Floral Revolution" for which I am so grateful. Below are some of the lovely comments from readers. I'd be thrilled if this feedback encourages you to download the e-book and learn more about how you can support local and sustainably grown flowers too

"It looks amazing ... this ebook is going to be so good for me as I’m really trying to be more eco-conscious with my flowers" {Professsional Florist, UK}

"I downloaded it today and was so impressed by all I learnt ... it was also incredibly gripping to read. Nice work!" {Artist, Melbourne}

"Downloaded it today, what a brilliant resource. It encapsulated everything I've been feeling and needed to know." {Flower Farmer, Victoria}

"Thanks so much for this gift to the flower world. Lots of stuff that can be done quite easily to make a big difference!" {Flower-lover, Melbourne}

"I downloaded your first e-book and love it. So looking forward to your second!" {Flower Farmer, regional Victoria}

"Beautiful work. Inspiring!" {Professional Florist}

"If you are after a great read about floriculture and how mass organisations are having an impact on our earth then subscribe to Winter Creek to receive their Ebook. It'll change the way you think about buying flowers for loved ones. Well done Kate on a great book!" {Steph M. Flower-lover, Melbourne}